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Energy saving lamps.

Energy saving lamps.
There has been much discussion regarding the requirement for the use of energy saving lamps in domestic and commercial buildings, and the requirement is for new installations to have a minimum of 40% of the floor area serviced by energy efficient lamps. Though there is as yet no requirement for existing buildings to conform to this ruling many people can see the value and the benefits of installing energy efficient lamps for the following reasons.

  • Energy savings.  A 9watt energy efficient lamp will perform as well as a standard 60watt lamp.
  • Environmently Friendly. The lower energy consumption assists in reducing the Greenhouse emissions created in the generation of electricity.
  • Cool runnings!  A standard lamp has a filament which gets HOT!  It has to heat up to create light and is HOT! to touch. This heat will reduce the life of light fittings and lampholders.
  • Long Life.   A standard light bulb has a short lamp life which is reduced by higher than normal voltage (If your transformer is close by) and vibration (Old timber houses)  A good quality energy saving lamp has a vastly extended life which is not affected by either of these conditions.

TIP!    Buy only good quality energy savings lamps, Many of the cheaper brands of  lamps do not suit our Australian conditions and have a very short lamp and display alarming characteristics.


Is your blanket safe?

Have you had your electric blanket tested recently?
There has been much discussion regarding the safety of electric blankets

If in doubt have us check it out ....

To avoid electric shocks and fires all Electric Blankets need an annual checkout. So why not ring us now and find out the best time to call by our workshops and have a qualified technician "certify" your blanket as safe!

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