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Featured Products
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Direct Lightning Protection

The criteria for installing a lightning protective product is:

  • Does the installation contain a lightning rod?
  • Is the installation near tall structures, tall trees or near the tops of a hill in a lightning prone area?

If the answer is YES to either of the above, Ensbey Electrical recommends installing a Spark Gap device.  Ask our staff today which device you will need to protect your valuable property.


Surge Protection Devices

Why do you need surge protection?

Surge ProtectorElectronic equipment is being used more often today, and this means that they are vulnerable to electrical spikes.  This also means that your insurance company may be reluctant to cover claims without physical evidence.  Therefore, it is wise to invest in protecting your valuable equipment with surge protection devices (SPD’s).  SPD’s will direct a lightning surge or electrical switching spike to earth, away from your electrical installation. Choice depends upon:

  • The sensitivity and value of equipment that requires protection.
  • Exposure level of the installation eg: the area that you live may be more prone to storms.


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RJ45 Connector
Data Cable and Connectors

RJ45 connector. Needs correct crimp tool to construct..


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