Smoke Alarms

Ensbey Electrical can supply and install both hard wired and battery operated smoke alarms. Our technicians can advise on best placement and the follow up maintenance of smoke alarms. We provide the latest photoelectric or ionisation smoke alarms.


Legislation states that it is the lessors responsibility for rental properties to ensure that smoke alarms are installed, monitored and maintained within the requirement of the Qld Fire and Rescue Amendment Act Bill 2006.

We provide an annual smoke alarm check to comply with this legislation which includes:

  • Testing of alarms
  • Cleaning of alarms
  • Changing of batteries
  • Annual monitoring, including 2 free visits per year for change of tenancy

This annual check can be organised through your local property manager or directly with Ensbey Electrical. We set up a recurring job so it lets us know the annual check is due. We call you prior to going to check the smoke alarm check it is still required.